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The Journey of Immigrants

By Allison Jia

Children complain. We complain about how our parents always push us so hard, wonder why they always yell at us, and ask ourselves why they are never satisfied. We feel the need to always be up-to-date about the smallest things, from having the newest laptops to the most fashionable clothes. Coming from a family of immigrants, I never noticed how difficult the lives of my parents were. We take for granted our technology, our clothes, and the simple necessities we have grown accustomed to. We fail to realize that they never had the chance to even think about affording these luxuries.

One stressful day after school, I broke down in the car and asked my parents why my life was so hard. They sat me down and shared stories from their childhood. My father told me the story of how his family had to cram together and live in one small room. Everyday, his brother and he woke up at dawn to work and studied all throughout the night, hoping for a brighter future for their kids. My mother walked four hours everyday to go to school, take care of her grandfather, and cook for the both of them. I soon realized that my problems were so insignificant in comparison to theirs; they both worked their way up so that I would be able to go to school and not worry about money or healthcare. What was I doing complaining about my slow computer and untrendy clothes?

I know now that my parents only push me because they come from a place of love, and their stories inspire me everyday.

About Allison Jia

Allison Jia is a freshman at The Harker School. She loves science, especially biomedical research and neuroscience, traveling, watching movies, and playing volleyball. She is involved in many STEM clubs at her school, including Science Research, Math, and Medical, and currently serves as an officer in her school's DECA program.

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