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The Importance of Eating Three Square Meals a Day for Health and Weight Management.

There’s a question we have started to ask ourselves a lot: do we really need to focus on eating three meals a day in order to go about our lives? While many folks still believe this to be the case on a logical basis, there are also plenty of those who may not know the health benefits that come with following this rudimentary schedule. 

It doesn’t help that there are several conflicting reports on whether grazing or skipping meals can assist you with your dietary ambitions. Essentially, it is recommended you eat three square meals a day so your body is given enough time to digest the food you consume while utilizing the nutrients required. Doing so will also help you feel less inclined to overeat during any one particular meal. 

As you may have heard, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and by many accounts, this is a true statement. Your body fasts for around eight hours or so while you are asleep. By indulging in a healthy, balanced breakfast, you accelerate your energy levels and help to maintain a healthy weight. You are missing out on important nutrients if you avoid this crucial meal. The idea is that, by eating three meals a day while breaking them up with some fruits and vegetables in between, you’re able to control your food intake and your appetite. Spreading calories throughout the day keeps you from getting hungry after each meal. Having less than three meals a day may cause you to start grazing on anything you can find, making it that much more difficult to make healthy eating choices. 

One way to encourage this way of thinking is by planning your snacks ahead of time. If you typically have breakfast at 7AM, lunch at noon, and dinner at 7PM, chances are you will start to feel hungry sometime in the afternoon. Find healthy snacks that will allow you to stay inside your ideal calorie range. This will help you avoid heading to the nearest vending machine and grabbing high-fat, sugary foods, thus contributing towards your weight loss goals. By sticking to this routine, you will soon find that sticking to tradition may very well be the healthiest option.

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