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The Importance of a Neat Desk

By: Michelle Hua

If you look at your desk right now, there is a good chance that it’ll be messy. Many people have papers, books, and other random objects piled on their tables. Usually, people have messy desks because they have too little time or motivation to clean it. However, some people prefer having a messy desk. Although there may be some benefits to having a cluttered workspace, it is much better to keep your desk clean and neat.

Keeping your desk neat is crucial in order to be efficient. If there are too many papers on your desk, it becomes more difficult to find anything you’re looking for. You can spend hours combing through your desk in search of just one object, wasting a lot of time. The neatness of your desk also contributes to your thinking: messy desks results in cluttered thoughts. By having an organized desk, you can prevent your thoughts from getting sidetracked. A neat desk also reduces stress, which can further help you to concentrate on whatever task you are completing.

Having an unkempt desk also results in poorer hygiene. Piling up your items on your desk leads to more and more bacterial buildup, which could cause some health issues. Surfaces like a keyboard can gather more than 7500 bacteria on it. While some of these issues may be minor, such as having a stuffy nose or itchy eyes, it is still extremely important to clean your workspace.

A near desk helps to clear your mind and keep you healthy. It might be a hassle to clean your desk, but have an organized desk is much more beneficial for the long run.

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