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The Impact of Reading

By: Michelle Hua

The importance of reading is often stressed. In elementary school, children are assigned a few minutes of reading each night, and prizes are given to those who read the most. Students are required to read and annotate more complex books. A person who is well-read is seen to be intelligent. Reading is unanimously agreed to be helpful, but not everyone knows the exact reasons why it is beneficial.

The most common reason to read is to expand your vocabulary. Students who read more have been shown to know more vocabulary than students who read less. On reading tests, the students who read more are often more proficient. Having a wider range of vocabulary helps people in many situations, from writing essays to taking an interview, or even just talking to friends.

Reading is a form of stress relief. After a long day, many people wish to go home and read a good book. Immersing yourself in a book helps you to briefly forget about your own problems and calm down. Even in the most stressful situations, taking a break to read helps people to wind down and relax.

People often develop friendships through common interests, and many people have at least a few books they’re passionate about. Discussions about characters and plots can help people to bond and become friends. People also often talk about articles they’ve seen on the news, which helps others to see their opinion and get to know each other better. Reading not only helps people individually but also brings people together.

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