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The GTX 1080

By: Bryan

So, the new GTX 1080 is coming out. Be prepared for all the PC master race weirdos hyping it up. But deservedly so. It’s a graphics card, the computer part responsible for processing graphics, released by NVIDIA.It’s more powerful than the current king of graphics cards, the Titan X, and 3 times as power efficient as well. On its unveiling, it was showed off by running new titles like “The Division” and “Rise of the Tomb Raider” at max settings at over 60fps. The card was also very well designed for more than just gaming, but also VR as well. It renders VR better than any other graphics card so far.

The GTX 1080 was released on May 27, for the price tag of $599. Nvidia didn’t want to release too many specs about the 1080, but there are some anyways. It pumps out 9 teraflops and has 8GB of RAM. For the money, it’s quite a good deal.

I’m personally a big fan of the Titan X. To me, the name resonates with my soul much more than the “GTX 1080” does. I do recommend both since they are pretty cool, and I do most of my gaming on PC.

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