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The Greenhouse Effect

by: Winford Chang

Around the world greenhouses are used to help grow and nurture plants. Greenhouses take the outside light and convert it into heat and trap it inside to keep plants warm and protected from outside. Because of all the excess heat involved in a greenhouse their rooms are kept warm from day to night and even keeps the plants warmed up and safe during the winter. What if though, I told you that our planet itself is actually just like a Greenhouse. This is called the greenhouse effect. 

Built up gasses called the atmosphere help keep the earth warm and the sun’s deadly rays out. The earth though still needs to release some heat and it’s starting to keep more and more unnecessary heat, this is because the greenhouse gasses, some examples being , nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane, are all needed to be kept in balance and more of them means that they trap more heat. Burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil release more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gasses are being observed as they grow more and more abundant in the atmosphere by NASA as they are released, knowing all of this information allows us to slow down the buildup of greenhouse gasses and maybe even hopefully slowly reverse the damage that we have already done to it.

The 4 greenhouse gases.

 Even though it is getting more and more hot we should still be grateful for the greenhouse effect. The 4 greenhouse gasses help keep out the sun’s worst radiation and let through invisible light so we can see. They are located around 6 kilometers off the earth’s crust and catch the infrared waves and vibrate strongly before sending out a different infrared light in a different direction. Without the greenhouse gasses to keep up warm the sun’s average temperature would be -18 C at day.


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