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The Getty Center

By: Teresa Tu

My family and I drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles during the Thanksgiving holiday. We had been to Los Angeles many times before as well as many tourist attractions in the area. This time we decided to go to the one of the largest private museums, Getty Center.

The museum is located in the Santa Monica Mountains. Getty Center is a campus of the Getty Museum and other programs of the Getty Trust. The museum exhibits a lot of world-class art collection collected by Mr. J. Paul Getty, an industrialist, during his lifetime. His collection formed the original Getty Museum base, and most of his estate was left to the museum after his death. The collection that is on display consists of different types of European arts including paintings, drawings, and sculptures. The Irises of Van Gogh is probably the most famous painting. Not only the exhibitions, the architecture and environment design is also very unique and beautiful. The central garden of the Getty Center overlooks all of Los Angeles. This larger garden is described as “a sculpture in the form of a garden, which aims to be art.” There is a maze consisting of waterfalls and rhododendrons in the center of this garden.

This museum has a lot of activities for the whole family to visit. Since the museum is free for all, I recommend you to go there next time you go to Los Angeles.

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