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The Future of Tesla

By: Ethan Hu

In the past few months, Tesla has launched two new models, the older being the model X and the latter being the model 3. The model X, Tesla’s first SUV, holds up to seven people and features falcon wing doors on both sides. These entrances allow easy access to the second and third row seats. Safety always comes first when it comes to designing a car and the developers at Tesla made this vehicle the safest on the market. As the Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said during the launch of the model X, “It is the first SUV that is five stars in every category.” The NHTSA star requirement describes the possibility of an injury in the occurrence of a high speed accident, two stars at around 25% and 5 stars at 10%. The model X currently stands at a 6.5% chance of having an injury during a crash or rollovers. In order to get the percentage to such a low level, several parts of the car have been redesigned for safety. Firstly, the front of the car removes the steel engine that gasoline cars use, therefore increasing the crumple zone. Also, the battery is placed in the middle of the car, centering the weight and preventing rollovers. The vehicle also comes with a number of other features such as automatically opening doors, fancy falcon wing doors, and a panoramic windshield. From safety to style, the model X has it which makes it a must buy for any family.

On the other hand, the Tesla model 3 is made to cater to the mass market. Starting at only $35,000, nearly half of the model S and model X, it can go up to 215 miles on a full charge and achieve speeds of 60 mph in six seconds. However, competition is growing and with Tesla losing 800m dollars last year, they cannot afford to fail with the model 3. While support for the Tesla remains steadfast, the future of the company is uncertain.

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