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The Benefits of Summer School

By Jenny Wang

Summer school usually takes place in community colleges and requires fees to attend. It provides a variety of programs for students who are interested in different fields. A lot of high school students are now considering to attend these classes during their break in order to prepare them to enter college. So, is summer school worth attending? There are many benefits that students can gain from attending summer school and it is a good option for spending your summer.

  1. Deeper insight into a specific course

There are different programs designed for multiple fields of study. Students can choose whatever course they want to learn more about. Some courses have moderated exams that strengthen the students’ knowledge on the subject. There are also courses that contain college credits that students can gain and exchange. These courses aid students in finding the major they want to study upon entering college.

  1. Get to know different people

It is a good chance for making new friends and getting know different people. Students from different backgrounds and cultures are grouped together for a couple weeks, allowing them to learn about each other and, hopefully, bond. There is also a wide range of ages, which exposes students to different levels of maturity.

  1. Discovery and experiences in another environment

Going to summer school provides you with experiences of living in another environment. Some environments might be very different from what you’re used to, and from this experience, you learn how to adapt in different situations.

Overall, taking summer school before you go to college can provide you with many advantages. Students learn from this experience and it fills your summer with many different memories, so start thinking about attending a summer school!

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