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The Benefit Of Pets

By: Michelle Hua

Many people have pets, or at least wish to have a pet. Even though most people like pets, there are still a number of people who don’t want one. However, there are still many reasons why having a pet is helpful.

Pets are extremely good companions. Having a pet to play with, cuddle, or even just to look at could make someone happier. Pets have been shown to lower the stress and anxiety levels of their owners, while playing with them makes the owner more relaxed and calm. Feeling sad or depressed often makes a person lethargic, but with a pet, the person must take care of it, which helps the owner feel better.

Having a pet can also teach responsibility, especially with young children. Taking care of a pet requires a lot of time and effort, and is similar to taking care of a child. This would help the owner to develop responsibility as they learn to feed, clean, and play with the pet. Owners also learn to keep with a routine, which further helps with developing responsibility.

Pets can even benefit your health. People who have grown up around cats and dogs are less likely to get allergies due to the early exposure. Pet owners also experience less stress and have lower chances of heart disease. Cat purrs are even said to help heal and strengthen bones because of its frequency.

Although it is perfectly normal to not own a pet, there is a strong justification for having one and trying out your luck with animals.

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