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Teenage Depression

Have you ever noticed your children or friends staying away from someone, unwilling to communicate? Is this just normal teenage rebellious behavior or is it depression? Either way, please pay attention.

Because of academic pressure, miscommunication issues with parents or the long-term effects of family violence, many teenagers suffer from depression. Alas, many parents are not aware of that. Instead, they scold or criticize their children, often worsening the symptoms of depression.

In order to better understand teenage depression, let’s take a look at the symptoms:

-Emotional abnormalities: the most typical behavior of depression of young people. In these cases, teenagers tend to speak and interact little with others. They have a lack of enthusiasm for learning, are interested in the past, and feel isolated. Girls are often sad for no reason, boys become irritable.

-Total discomfort: some teengers experincing depression will not display as many  emotional problems, but rather express physical discomfort. This “disease” seems to be chronic, or recurrent, and a routine check will not identify any problems. In such cases, medicine may not show improvement.

-Tired of learning: In this scenario, the child may always think that others are against him/her, bent on learning, or simply unhappy. This is a pathological escape and retreat which needs to be treated.

-Suicidal behavior: this is the most serious form of depression and the child will exhibit self-harm and/or suicidal thoughts. In such scenarios, depression therapy/treatment is necessary to prevent further instances of suicidal behavior.

If you find that your child has any of the symptoms listed above, please contact your local doctor or therapist. It is our hope that every young person can be happy and healthy.

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