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Tattoo Safety

About 38% of millennials have a tattoo. You might be thinking of getting one as well. Despite their beauty, infections and diseases can result from irresponsibility. It is important to know the risks and proper aftercare.

Before going to your local tattoo parlor, do some research. Does the place have good reviews? Are the artists licensed professionals? Do they use clean needles? Tattoos are dangerous in that needles, often unsanitary, are necessary. Contaminated needles are biohazards and can result in severe blood-borne diseases including HIV and hepatitis B and C. It is extremely important to be confident that your parlor uses clean needles.

After getting your tattoo, you must take care of it to prevent infections. Keep your bandage on for two hours. Do not soak your new tattoo in any solution — even water. Only use a mild, fragrance-free soap and pat dry. Rubbing it will cause more irritation and a higher risk of infection. Most importantly, leave your tattoo alone. Let it breathe and it will only take about two weeks to heal completely.

Getting a tattoo can be a meaningful, fun experience if done safely. A proper sense of caution will prevent diseases and infections.

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