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DIY: Easy, Fun, and Creative

By: Lydia Li The beauty of gift-giving lies in the thought put into the gift. Everyone loves personalized gifts, so why not make them yourself? Here are 3 simple and easy Do-It-Yourself projects for you to try at home!  Peppermint Sugar Scrub …

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DECA: The experience of a lifetime

DECA is a student organization of over 200,000 members internationally and over 4,500 members here in California. It prepares its members for careers in business fields and integrates classroom instruction to the real world in order to prepare the next generation to …

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Zhong Dian Ban (重点班)

By: Jay Kamat  In China, there is a system called “zhong dian ban” that allows high performing students to have access to better educational resources. While similar to Advanced Placement courses in America, and International Baccalaureate classes elsewhere, “zhong dian ban” is …

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Rainbow Loom

By: Shannon Yan The Success of Rainbow Loom They started popping up everywhere. The colorful bracelets constructed out of carefully woven rubber bands. Tons of people are wearing them, mostly kids in elementary school, but a few adults too. Publicity is everywhere too; …

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Back to School

Start your school year with style! 1. Fall cleaning Yes, we’ve all heard of spring cleaning. But you should begin your academic year with a refreshing room! Repaint! Throw out broken furniture! Donate old clothes! The result will be mind boggling. Start …

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Scorching Hot, Stylishly Cool, or Extremely Questionable? Trend Watch, Issue #1 Okay, we’ve seen it all. Things that crashed into our world and had us all hooked, whether it was because we were intrigued by its sheer awesomeness or disgusted by its …

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