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How to Relieve Stress

By: Dominique Huang Stress. Everyone has felt it at one point or another; it seems as if no one can escape from stress. We will always have deadlines to complete, work to finish, issues to deal with. There are, however, steps we …

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Remembering Nelson Mandela

“Troublemaker” was what Nelson Mandela’s given name, Rolihlahla, meant in Xhosa. Coincidently, Mandela caused plenty of trouble for the apartheid National Party by leading the African National Congress and advocating against segregation. Mandela was prominent political leader and a man with many …

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Back to School

Start your school year with style! 1. Fall cleaning Yes, we’ve all heard of spring cleaning. But you should begin your academic year with a refreshing room! Repaint! Throw out broken furniture! Donate old clothes! The result will be mind boggling. Start …

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Pass the Tea!

It’s a typical Monday morning. You wake up, and instinctively, the first thing that you do is make yourself a steamy cup of coffee. Whether you like it black or with extra cream and sugar, 83% of Americans drink coffee on a …

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My Parents are My Role Model

By Shannon Yan There are myriad great people that others look up to. Mom and dad are my role models. My dad is a sea turtle, which means that he works and lives in a different country. My dad lives in China, …

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