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Summer Jobs

By R. Brady

As July drags into August and the cool September weather starts to clash against the summer heat, students often reminisce on the freedom they experienced in summer, knowing that school is only days away. Some went on exotic vacations to countries across the world. Some drove to family reunions or yearly vacation spots. However, the smartest decision I made this summer was to get a summer job.

I worked at my school’s summer school program with children starting kindergarten through second grade. For weeks I helped teach classes, talked with students, and played water games. Even though everyday I came home sopping wet and exhausted, the children always left a smile on my face. At the end of the four weeks, I was on the verge of tears as I said goodbye to all fifty-five of my unforgettable students.

I got extremely lucky with my summer job. Mostly, it is because of its length. It started in the middle of July and ended in early August. This meant that I had all of June and half of July to go on trips with my family or just relax at home. Also, it was a job with my school, so the location was familiar to me. If you are trying to find a job, always reach out to your school and ask about helping out with summer programs or camps.

However, don’t let a job consume your vacation! Summer is a time for relaxing and rejuvenating before the long school year starts again. Finding the right balance of work and relaxation is key to a productive summer.

Getting a summer job can help one receive experience for the years ahead, add some productivity into an otherwise lazy vacation, and also help one earn a little money before the school year begins. Summer is a great time to get a job because there is no homework or extracurriculars to worry about. I had a great experience with my summer job. The key to enjoy a summer job is to find something that you are interested in—that way, you will remember the opportunity forever!

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