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Studying: Warm or Cool Light

By: Andy Chen

Most students know that warm light — rather than the cool light that emanates from smartphones, computers, and other sources — is preferential when preparing to go to bed. Does this same principle apply during the daytime?

The short answer: no, not at all.

According to the Spruce, warm light, which refers to the golden yellow and orange light that often emits from lightbulbs, is generally more welcoming on the eyes and creates a more cozy environment. White or cool light, on the other hand, is more distinct and demands more attention than warm light, which is a reason why it’s better to prepare for bed without the presence of cool or white light.

However, it’s for this exact reason why going with white light isn’t always the best option. Generally, a good rule of thumb is that environments with white light serve better as places of productivity, while those with warm lights are more cozy and comfortable. Therefore, humans are generally more comfortable with white light in the morning and warm light in the evening.

Think about it — if you’ve ever been inside a large company’s building, you probably have an image of productive employees working in cubicles under the glare of white lights. Meanwhile, unless you live in a house with a modern aesthetic, your kitchen and living room probably use a warmer light in order to maximize that cozy, homey feeling.

Thus, if you’re looking to increase your productivity or have problems staying awake while studying, it might be worth it to purchase a lamp or desk light that emits bright cool light. Meanwhile, if you’re trying to make your room feel more inviting and comfortable, try going for an appliance that emits warmer light — whatever suits you best!
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