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Spring into action

By: Catherine Tu

Spring break is a time to frolic outside and inhale the pervasive scent of Mother Nature regenerating itself after a long, chilly winter. Many families plan trips to popular destinations, but a pleasant vacation to Disneyland quickly turns foul when everybody else in the area has the intention to visit the same spot and when you find your family shelling out more money than you had expected. There are many other ways to have an affordable spring break adventure without having to elbow battle with hordes of people also on spring break.


Take a roadtrip to a big city with some friends or with the family. Getting together with people you love hanging out with and setting off on an adventure together is a rewarding experience, and spending time exploring a famous city is even better. Take a trip to the closest city with enough highlights to keep everyone entertained, such as San Francisco, Seattle, or WashingtonDC. Big cities such as these always have wonderful opportunities for sightseeing, shopping, and dining. You can spend a few days in the city at budget hotels with good ratings or bid for greatly discounted hotel rooms on websites like Priceline.com.

Consider visiting a national park. National parks are usually most visited in the summer, so seize the opportunity to visit one over spring break. Connecting with nature by seeing its unadulterated beauty in parks such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, or the Everglades will be gratifying and is a perfect way to welcome spring into your spirit. Look for lodging deals on the parks’ respective websites.


Sojourn to Europe. While a trip to Europe over spring break may not sound cheap, there are deals to be found, since March and April are a part of the off-season for tourism in Europe, a fact that benefits your wallet and your appreciation for space and time. Plan ahead of time and be flexible, as the more options you leave for yourself, the cheaper prices you will find, Consider Berlin, Dublin, or Prague, which are the top cities for a vacation that provides more bang for your buck.

If all else fails, clean the house. Tidying up the house and shaking out the dust that collected over the winter is satisfying. Get a head start on your spring cleaning so you can face summer with a clean house and conscience!


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