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Simply Healthy- The Fundamentals to Maintaining a Good Diet

By Cicilyn Li


The introduction of industrial food processing has developed into one of the most detrimental habits of our once healthy lifestyle. As of today, a majority of people have forgotten that the food they purchase in local supermarkets can no longer be categorized as natural produce, or real food. “Real food” can be defined as unprocessed, pasture-raised, and local, and it is one of the keys to achieving a healthy modern lifestyle.

Food processing has contributed to the making of four main food substances harmful in excess: white sugar, white flour, industrial seed oils, and processed soy products, along with chemical additives and preservatives. The artificial ingredients in processed foods have adverse effects on people, as they have been shown to lead to inflammation, autoimmune disease, risk of stroke, organ damage, and other health obstructions. The simple solution to avoiding the harm of refined foods is to generally refrain from eating it if it comes in a bag or box. Of course, not all boxed or bagged foods are harmful, so this advice is just a guideline.

Instead of processed and refined food, choose natural, local foods and pasture-raised animal products for a healthy diet. It is a fact that pasture-raised and grain-fed animal products are superior in comparison to confined animal products, as they have beneficial fatty acids and higher levels of minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrients. In the case of fruits and vegetables, the best choice would be to get them from local farmers markets. This is because local produce are ones that are most in line with the season’s crops. Furthermore, to determine the nutrient content of your produce, what matters is how long it has been out of the ground and oxidized before you eat it. Most produce sold at local supermarket chains is harvested thousands of miles away, in places like Florida and Mexico. The problem with this is that, as soon as food is harvested, it starts to change as its nutrient deteriorates.

Being healthy should not be a difficult challenge for you. Being aware of the foods that you eat and purchase will significantly improve your lifestyle and well-being.


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