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Scents that are good for you

As strange as it sounds, some smells can be good for you. Each stimulate your brain in different ways by binding to receptors in your nose that send signals to your nervous system.

Here is are examples of beneficial scents and their effects:

  1. Peppermint — This smell sharpens focus, invigorating the mind. This is why students often intuitively chew mint gum when taking tests.
  2. Citrus — The tangy, sharp smell of a citrus fruit is a pick-me-up, boosting energy levels and making you feel more alert. Using citrus body wash or having a citrus for breakfast can go a long way in your day.
  3. Lavender — Lavender calms the mind and body, helping you sleep. It is also beneficial to those suffering from depression. Pouring a few drops of lavender oil into a hot bath before going to bed can lead to a more restful sleep.
  4. Cinnamon — Unexpectedly, this scent improves memory. A study done by Wheeling Jesuit University showed that cinnamon improved cognitive functions.
  5. Pine — The smell of pine trees alleviates stress. Maybe that’s why the holidays are so happy.


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