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Rising Sea levels and how they affect us

Winford Chang

Rising sea levels pose threat to homes of 300m people – study | Sea level |  The Guardian

With the recent losses of fish, glaciers, and freshwater many people would think that rising sea levels are a good thing although it is far from good. In the past century sea water had risen a considerable amount at around 25 inches. While you would think that stagnant growth wouldn’t be a terrible thing until you realize that the growth of sea levels are rising by the year. In the past decades the rate of rising water has risen by almost double. Sea levels are rising because of the rising heat of the world. Ever since the Industrial revolution the Earth’s temperature has risen an entire Celcius.

There are many reasons why rising sea levels are terrible but a few reasons include contaminating our drinking water, interference with farming, environmental change, wildlife populations.. With the current water crisis the risk of losing more clean drinking water is critical and a vital reason why sea level rising is such a big problem. The water we use for drinking is also used for the food that we grow. With the salt from the ocean contaminating the water plants find it more difficult to grow. Many natural plants, too, grow on freshwater. With the rising sea levels and the sea moving towards land many natural plants will not be able to sustain themselves along with the animals that eat and live off of those plants. 

A lot of things contribute to the rising of ocean levels. Global warming and temperature change are two large factors. With more greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere our earth is experiencing a climate change where our temperature is slowly rising up. A large part of greenhouse gasses being released are from daily things we do from day to day including driving, cooking, and energy production. Things that we can do to slow down and hopefully reverse the already released greenhouse gasses are taking walks when we can, closing the lights when we cant in a room, and saving what things we can reuse to minimize production emissions.


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