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PRICE: Steps to Treating a Sports Injury

sportsinjuryWhen playing sports, it is common for injuries to occur, be it a sprained ankle, a pulled muscle or an overworked shoulder. To prevent and treat injuries like these, practice the acronym PRICE – prevent, rest, ice, compress, and elevate.


The best way to treat an injury is to avoid it all together. Stretch before and after practice to loosen muscles. Wear protective gear such as ankle braces. Most importantly, know your limits and take a break when necessary.


When injured, it is important to take a break and let your body heal. Working on an already strained muscle will aggravate it further and make the injury worse.


Icing an injury will reduce swelling and numb the area to lessen the pain. Ice for 20 minutes and take the ice off for 20. Don’t leave the ice on for too long or you may get frostbite.


Compressing the injury will also reduce swelling. It will also prevent further movement to aggravate the injury. For example, with a sprained ankle, leave your shoe on until you can get further treatment.


Elevating your injury will reduce blood flow to the area and consequently reduce swelling. To do this, lie down and elevate your injury above your heart.


PRICE is an essential method of reducing and treating minor injuries. If further attention is needed, visit a doctor to get a professional diagnostic. Stay safe!


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