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Plank Holds

By Xin C

Exercise is one of the core cornerstones of ensuring physical and mental health. Exercise allows you to easily complete daily activities, delay aging, and improve your overall mood. There are many ways to exercise, but the main concern is that there is no time to see desirable results. Plank support is one of the exercises that can be performed daily, and many people do it for their dose of exercise.

If you haven’t tried plank support, you may think it is a piece of cake. In fact, you may also think that improving muscle tone and strengthening abdominal muscles are just as easy as sitting down. But what you see may not be true. Maintaining the correct plate support posture requires the strength, stability, and endurance of the core muscle groups.

If you can adhere to this simple and effective exercise every day, various parts of the body, whether it is the abdomen, back or buttocks, will experience unexpected changes. If you try a series of variations of this movement, you will find that the back and abdominal muscles in particular will become more apparent.

As you age, activating and strengthening your core muscles can give you multiple

benefits. This kind of exercise has been highly sought after by fitness instructors, and it has its own reasons. That is, it really works.


6 benefits of plank exercise:

  • Create a tight abdominal muscle
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Back support
  • Balance and posture
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Improve mental and emotional health

Try to do it everyday for 1~3mins, you will soon see the changes in your health!

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