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Parent Interview: Student Stress and Wellness

Parent Interview: Student Stress and Wellness


On August 9th, the student stress and wellness speech was held. The speech covered the student stress and wellness survey report. We invited couple speakers to talk about the stress that the students have. And an interview with the event’s parents showed most stress of high school students comes from studying.

So why do a lot of high school students feel stressed when studying? Based on my own inferences, I guessed there could be two main reasons for this: parents’ high expectations and the students themselves.

Through my interview, I found that parents don’t actually want to put too much pressure on their children. They don’t always want their children to get the highest score or to succeed all the time, so the second problem in which the students put pressure on themselves is more prevalent.

The speech focused on what the parents can do to help students reduce stress. All the parents I interviewed said the speech was useful and meaningful to them. Although a few of them don’t have any high school-aged children, they still found the techniques that were talked about in the speech helpful in the future.

The most important method talked about is communication between parent and child, which also happened to be mentioned a lot in the speech.

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