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Overpopulation at its current state.

Winford Chang

Throughout History humans have been a very populated species. That makes no surprise though seeing that humans are the apex predators of the planet.

Being so populated we have a much lower chance of going extinct than other species around the world. According to national geographic, being endangered requires you to have declined to only 25% percent of your population in the last 2 or 3 years. Considering that Humans are currently around 8 billion people, more than 6 billion have to die in around 3 years. 

While we have very little chance of becoming endangered, being so populated does not always have benefits. With the rise of the human population our planet has been polluted more and more. With too many humans too we could overuse our natural resources like metals and trees to almost nothing. 

Along with all of that also comes the requirement for land. People need to have space to walk around and to live, and without that living can be extremely hard, there are also other problems that’ll come into play, things like food, healthcare, transportation, and energy will all need to be met. 

According to The Lancelet, our population will rise up to 9.4 billion and overpopulate by 2064 and will soon decline after reaching 2100. 

Along with the growth of a successful civilization there will also be a decline of their population. A single planet such as earth is not enough to sustain so many people and the decline that will be predicted to happen in 2100 is quite needed for humans to live comfortably on their own planet. 


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