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Ommm…Finding your Inner Peace (and Health) with Yoga

By Catherine Tu


Yoga (瑜伽) was developed in India many years ago and is becoming very popular around the globe. Yoga incorporates relaxation techniques, which result in benefits such as the decreasing of the pain of chronic ailments, such as arthritis or lower back pain. It also lowers blood pressure and helps rejuvenate the body. Though some people are willing to attend yoga classes to practice and learn yoga with other people, it can also be done in the comfort and privacy of home. If you would like to learn a few yoga moves, there 5 poses below (picture sources from sharecare.com):

 Step 1: Stand with both feet touching and evenly distribute your weight. Press your palms together at the heart and breathe (呼吸).


 Step 2: With raised arms, bend backwards and relax your neck (脖子). Don’t forget to breathe!


 Step 3: Bend forward until your touch the floor with your palms (掌心). Touch your head to your knees if possible.


 Step 4: Move your right leg (右腿) back into a lunge. Place your left foot behind your palms and raise your head. Breathe!


 Step 5: Bring your left foot out with your right foot to “plank.”


 There are much more yoga poses to learn, but these were just a few to help you get started! Keep in touch with your inner harmony and namaste!

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