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New Year Resolutions

With the new year comes new year resolutions. Here are some healthy resolutions to think about for 2016:


Working out more often

This is a common resolution, but also the hardest. Many say that they lose motivation or that they’re too busy. To avoid these problems, make exercise worth your time. This can involve exercising with a friend, creating a workout schedule, playing a sport for fun, and as contradictory as it seems, avoiding the gym. There are many ways to exercise, and you shouldn’t limit yourself to the gym. Go hiking or jogging outdoors if you’re a nature-loving person. Join a local soccer team if you like sports. Buy a exercise DVD and workout from home if you like staying inside. The possibilities are endless.

Having a healthy diet

Another popular resolution, but also one to often fail. Having a healthy diet shouldn’t feel like being on a diet. Instead of limiting yourself to salads and feeling guilty every time you eat something sugary, try filling your plate with nutrient rich foods. Look online for healthy and simple recipes.

Cutting “toxic” people out

On social media, a trending topic as the new year approached was the concept of leaving your “fake” friends behind in 2015, essentially cutting ties with them and moving on. It’s always a good idea to practice self-care and not surround yourself with people that drag you down, but just be careful of the repercussions that might follow. You might discover you didn’t rid yourself of your fake friend completely and as a result, the start of 2016 is now filled with drama.

Stop and enjoy life

The always repeated mantra of busy students and working adults, it’s hard to slow down and relax in a constantly competitive environment. It’s the little things that count, however. Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself. Buy yourself a coffee from the new cafe down the street during lunch break. Go to the beach over the weekend. Visit the animal shelter on your way home from work. These little everyday activities are a relaxing break from your busy lifestyle and overall, better for your mental health.


Happy 2016!


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