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New Generation Portable Power Source

By Brian (Ruibo) Wu

In recent years, the mobile game market has been developing rapidly, but the constraint, battery capacity, has remained unsolved. In recent years, many mobile product companies have focused on portable power sources to increase the game experience.

Recently, a well-known company that focuses on game products, Anker, has introduced its new product: Anker PowerCore Play 6700. The shape of this portable power source not only has extremely comfortable ergonomics but also has great compatibility. As mentioned in its name, Anker PowerCore Play 6700 contains a 6700 mAh battery, which is about twice as big as the battery of the iPhone 11.

As mentioned on the official website, Anker PowerCore Play 6700 is the ideal charge with the highest capacity-to-size ratio in the world. It can perfectly suit any device’s unique needs, and the newly invented Anker’s PowerIQ technology can also automatically detect and adjust output power to reduce charging times.

Surprisingly, even though the battery is big, by using a USB-A and USB-C combined cable, the total charging is only about three hours.

From compatibility’s view, PowerCore Play supports iPhone 8 Plus, XR/XS Max, 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Mac, Samsung Galaxy S10/S20/S20 ultra, Google Pixel 4/Nexus 5X/6P, and the electrical devices.

Moreover, for users who would like to play with a gamepad, PowerCore Play 6700 also has scalable support which can provide the best watching angle. By now, this product is sold on Amazon and the price is only 35.99 dollars. However, it’s worth noting that when using an iPhone device, users need to have a Lighting cable since PowerCore Play 6700 does not support wireless charging.

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