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My School Experience in China

Back in 2017, I went back to China to study 2 years in China. I felt like Chinese schools and schools in America have different education systems and different people. 

First thing I noticed is that schools in China are usually more strict than schools in America. American schools allow piercings, dyed hair, hair down, but schools in China do not allow piercings, any dyed hair, and require students’ hair to be tied up. 

I also noticed that the lunches are different. In America, you pay to get different kinds of lunches but back in my elementary school in China, we would only have 1 option for lunch and it was a box with food, rice, and a soup. Back then we also did not have a cafeteria so we had to get in our own classrooms which I did not enjoy. 

I also noticed how classes are more longer than schools In America. We would have 4 minute breaks and we would go to class after In the same classroom. Right now I’m In high school, and throughout middle school and high school I found that we had to go to different classrooms for teachers. In China, the teachers would come to us, which is the opposite from America.

Teachers are more strict than teachers in America. They gave out tests and no quizzes that were all worth 100 points. Luckily, my teachers were understanding and they knew I had trouble speaking Chinese so they helped me with a lot of things. I am very grateful for having these teachers.  

Of course, there are many more differences than just those, but I cannot include all of them in one article. If you would like to know more, you can do a quick research on the internet to find out more differences about classes, people, clubs and more.

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