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Must Needs for Vocalists

You probably clicked on this article because you want to be a singer and start making music. Well, here are a few essential-must-needs for you and your journey. 

When you listen to a song, what do you notice? Something I’ve always noticed is how all songs don’t have background noise, I think all of us know that they use one thing to fix that – a microphone. Having a good microphone ensures your audio quality is top tier – when I got my first microphone the sound quality on the things I recorded drastically and I was very happy. One microphone I recommend is the Blue Yeti, which is very well known in microphone selections – it’s on the pricey side but it’s very worth it.

Another thing that is essential for vocalists are apps/installments to make the voices blend. One installment I recommend is Garageband. Garageband is very helpful if you want to record and make songs because it provides a lot of settings you can play around with, if you’re interested you can look into it further.

Last thing I recommend is having a platform to upload music on. Try to start with a base – start posting before you even have music – this gives you a base before you start your actual career. Any social media works but the 2 I recommend are Youtube and Tiktok.

I hope you learned something and take my advice too. Thanks for reading and I wish you best of luck on your journey.

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