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Music 4 America

By: Jocelyn Li


In a world that emphasizes technological innovation and STEM education, one begins to wonder: why do the humanities matter? The role that the arts and culture play in today’s world seems to be diminishing, turning even more people away from the humanities and into STEM. However, even though there is less emphasis on the humanities, education in the humanities is vital for the continuation of human civilization. Only through the humanities can we learn about the different cultures of the world, and ultimately, who we are as people.

As a result, I and a group of other high schoolers across the Bay Area created the nonprofit organization, Music 4 America. Instead of focusing on the humanities in general, we decided to direct our attention toward music. Our mission is to benefit the community around us through music. Our projects will include tutoring music theory, teaching instrumental skills, volunteering or performing at senior centers and other community areas, and fundraising for instruments that will be given to underprivileged children.

Given the importance of music in our culture, Music 4 America encourages all high school and middle school students to join, regardless of musical expertise or experience. By joining this club, middle and high school students will be given the chance to work with their peers and have the opportunity to showcase their musical talents.

​Together, we can show the community that music is a universal benefactor.


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