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Muhammad Ali

By Isabella Teng

Hearts all around the world collectively broke as they heard the news of the passing of Muhammad Ali, world-renowned boxing champion and civil rights activist on Friday, June 3rd, 2016.

Past his boxing prowess and lightning fast reflexes, Muhammad Ali was one of the most bold and daring characters of his time. He wasn’t just entrenched in the world of sports—he was both admired and detested for his strong participation in religious, social, and political spheres. From refusing to be drafted in the Vietnam War, to turning away from Christianity and toward Islam, to denouncing racial segregation wholly at the peak of the civil rights movement, Muhammad Ali clearly expressed his stance on how society should move forward toward shaping a better tomorrow.

He became a symbol of strength, an outspoken, bold, and impassioned bulwark for those who couldn’t afford to do the same. He was and still is an inspiration for young aspiring athletes as a boxer who exhibited raw strength and power in his career but was notably gentle and kind toward his fans in his personal life, famous for not ever turning down a request for an autograph.

For those who live and can remember the influence he left behind, we can only hope to make a mark on the world half as a great as he had.

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