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By: Zenith Xiong

Everyone has a mother. Every mother likes her children so much. Most of them would do everything for us, no matter the difficulty. They are our constant supporters in this world. No matter what we do, they tolerate us. No matter what they do, whether good or bad, we all love them. We should do something for them because they love us and do everything for us.
My mom does chores every day, such as washing dishes, washing clothes, and sweeping the floor. I think she has created a good living and learning environment for me, and because of it her hands have gotten rough, her face has grown wrinkles, and her hair has become white. We should learn to share some of our parents’ responsibilities, as that is how we can grow up to be adults.

Now I wash my own clothes every day, and sometimes I even help my parents wash their clothes. In the beginning, I was not very good at it as the clothes would not be completely clean, but slowly I improved and began washing the clothes of everyone in my family. I also help my mom to cook, such as washing and cutting vegetables. I feel so good doing something for my mom.
When Mother’s Day came, our teacher asked us to wait until after school to go home to thank our mothers. I wanted to give my mother a surprise to make her happy, I went to a store to buy a flower. I waited until my mother came back, and then I said, “Mom, thank you for working so hard. I love you.” When I gave her the flowers, I saw tears fill her eyes.

Our mothers do too much for us; it’s now time for us to do something for them. They are getting older and older, we are getting more and more mature. It’s time for us to protect them, after all, as we have grown up.

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