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More About Apple Watch

By Ethan Hu

On June of 2015, Apple released its newest tech device, the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is a faster, more convenient way to access your phone. Having it located on your wrist instead of your pocket allows it to be far more accessible. It incorporates a new design called glances, which is accessed by swiping up on the screen and shows the user the wanted information for the selected apps. Notifications are also more noticeable and easier to keep track of. Since the watch is connected to your phone, all your previous notifications will be pushed onto the watch. The watch will vibrate when it needs to remind the user of anything. With this, it becomes simpler to keep track of your events and activities. Siri has also become a much bigger part in the use of the watch. Simply by saying “Hey Siri,” you’re able to pull her up and ask her anything you need. Although the Apple Watch has a much smaller screen than the iPhone, it makes up for it by implementing a digital crown, which scrolls up and down, and serves as a home button. However, you still have to use your finger to drag around the screen. Lastly, the Apple Watch is much more personal and can be customized to many extents. You can change between a number of different watch faces as well as a variety of colors. The home menu has several app slots for your own personal apps which you can download. The Apple Watch is a great piece of equipment and makes things quicker and easier, especially if you already own an iPhone.

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