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Living With My Grandparents

Living With My Grandparents!

Alex Wang

Nowadays most kids are living only with their immediate family and visiting their grandparents during weekends or holidays. Some hardly ever see their grandparents at all. However, I am an exception since my grandparents have been living with our family since I was 4 months old when they got their green cards and moved from China to the United States.

Life can be perfectly normal to live around my grandparents, right?  From my personal experience, living with my grandparents is great, but it is not perfect. It certainly has its pros and cons. There are a few problems I have encountered but let’s first start with the picture-perfect goods.

A great part of having my grandparents is that they cook delicious and exquisite Chinese food. Since they are always home, they are always ready to get that meal on time. Also, I do not need to be afraid that there is nobody at home when I get off from school. Most importantly, they play an important role in my life. I can always feel their love for me. They are always there for me when I am sad, and when I am down, they will find a way to cheer me up.

Here are some pictures of me with my grandparents:
image00 image01image02 image03

Well, seems perfect living with my grandparents, right? What can go wrong?

First are the culture gap between Chinese and American and the generational gap. The difference can be seen from how they handle our dog. When we got our dog 4 months ago, my grandpa insisted to feed him with human food. As a result, our dog got diarrhea. Now our dog follows my grandpa everywhere, looking for more human food, which is really unhealthy for the dog. Now, with our dog growing bigger, he likes to be with people. So my sister and I decide to let him live either in my room or my sister’s room. But my grandpa thinks the dog needs to be close to our main entrance door to be a guard dog! Of course we had to convince him that our dog is really our pet.

Second, having someone around me all the time isn’t always good. Sometimes, my grandparents want me to do things I don’t need to or like to do.  For example, they always want me to eat more even I am already full. They always wants me to wear more clothing even if I think I am wearing enough.

There are many pros and cons of having my grandparents live with me, but the pros still outweigh the cons. If I had to choose for my grandparents to stay or leave, I would choose for them to stay, for they are my family. And family matters a lot, doesn’t it?

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