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A Living Room that Drives you Around

By: Dan

Following the recent craze, a lot of manufacturers want to make autonomous electric vehicles. Nio, a Chinese startup, has entered this business and they hope to release a fully autonomous electric vehicle into the US market within 3 years. While ambitious, if this company is able to bring a noteworthy product into the market by such a short deadline, they may be able to compete against the other companies who have increasingly expensive cars.

Their current prototype is called the Eve. And they want this thing to be everything. It will be equipped with artificial intelligence, a great user interface that allows verbal commands, and more. The car also has active glass, so it has many offers for entertainment, including augmented vision. The car is also the pinnacle of luxury vehicles. It has a fold-out table and even seats that recline to make a bed. Imagine a fancy, high tech living room, but this one will take you where you want to go. That’s what riding in this car will feel like. If they are successful in producing this car by 2020, it may be a real contender in the market and one to watch out for.

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