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Let Us Meditate Pt.2

By Jiemin Sun

Meditation can improve both your physical and emotional health, as covered in part one of Let us Meditate. One may suppress respiratory or even heart diseases just by sitting, breathing, and clearing one’s mind. Brain structure can be altered, and brain activity is renewed, but what exactly causes these changes?

Meditation helps one focus on their thoughts. When meditating, people sit quietly and concentrate their attention on their own breath. As the air comes in and out of the nostrils, people are immersed in the sense of self. They let go of all their thoughts, and concentrate on breathing. After such training meditation for three months, the ability of focus has greatly improved.

David Wilson, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin in the United States, says that the ability to release thoughts makes the brain gain the ability to quickly change the attention of things. Professional meditators can do much better than the average person in terms of rapid changes in the stimulus, such as facial expression changes. Meditation is a combination of physical relaxation and keen sense of alertness. With practice of meditation, one can be much more vigilant.

The benefits of daily practice are far more noticeable than “concentrating”. “Meditation is a tool that, through practice, you will be a new person,” said Santore, director of the decompression clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Uster. In meditation, you can also cultivate the art of heart or focus, and focus can improve the quality of what you do almost everything. Most of the time we decide to do something, we are procrastinating by either being in the past, thinking about what happened yesterday, or the future, like thinking about what to eat for dinner. With great focus, we can change that, and in addition to health improvements, you also receive the great deal of increased productivity.

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