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Legos: The World of Imagination

LEGO-The World Of Imagination
By: Evan Li
Legos are one of the top 10 selling toys in history. They are little bricks you can connect together to make anything you want. The word “lego” was created from two words in Danish: “leg” and “godt,” which together translate into “play well.” The LEGO group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. The company has been passed down from father to son, and now Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen owns the company.

Ole Kirk Kristiansen was born on April 7, 1891, Denmark. He started to work as a carpenter, but lost his job during the Great Depression. In order to make a living, he started to manufacture wooden toys, the precursor to today’s legos.

LEGO has made many types of legos and sets to promote market. LEGO has made sets based off popular cartoon figures, like Spongebob and Star Wars. In 1988, LEGO collaborated with MIT to make something called Lego Mindstorm, one of the most popular toys today. Lego Mindstorm includes special motors that can make a LEGO robot move, or a Lego car run.

Legos are very popular. On average, each family owns around 86 pieces of legos. In 2012 alone, the company sold enough legos to stretch around the world 18 times. The company even made a movie called The Lego Movie, which was rated 96% by Rotten Tomatoes, a company that rates movies. LEGO has made billions and billions of dollars. No one knows the exact amount, because even as you’re reading this lots and lots of people are buying more and more Legos.

There are some fun-facts you may not know about LEGO. Not only do legos come in different shapes, they come in different sizes. Lego DUPLO blocks are 8 times the size of regular blocks. Goodyear, a tire selling company, and LEGO also makes tires out of legos. The surprising thing is LEGO makes more lego tires a year than Goodyear makes tires in a year.

Legos are very fun to play with. The company has survived for almost 100 years now. LEGO always wants to keep their “little” customers safe. Each lego minifigure head has a small hole, designed so that in case a kid chokes on it, the hole creates a pathway for air to flow through. Legos can entertain kids for large amounts of time, without harming them in any way. Legos can help children develop creativity and imagination, and exercise their hands when snapping the little pieces together.


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