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Lebron James’ I Promise School

By Julie Broch

In Akron, at-risk students are consistently falling behind in K-12 classrooms, leaving the district wondering if Lebron James’ new public school can help. On Monday, James’ I Promise School opened to serve at-risk students in his hometown. The I Promise School is the intersection of James’ Family Foundation and the I Promise Network. The purpose of I Promise was to boost achievement for children from disadvantaged backgrounds but now is to provide education for those children all year long. According to SBNation, some factors of James’ school stand out, such as featuring longer school days, greater access to the school, its facilities, and its teachers during downtime for students, as well a non-traditional school year. The school also teaches STEM to prepare students in STEM-related fields. Additionally, the school provides job and family services, consisting of a GED program parents can study through and a food bank. Overall, the I Promise School has many aspects that set it up for success, stretching even past the student to create a comfortable life for them at home.

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