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Learning through Documentaries

By Krystal Yang

I spent much of this summer at the movie theaters; watching films like Wonder Woman and Transformers was a great way to relax after the school year. However, while box-office superhero movies are revered by all, educational films are often overlooked. In fact, documentaries are great resources to help everyone—not just students—expand their depth and breadth of knowledge. For example, a student in America could watch a documentary about living in Thailand and learn about the culture there. Documentaries also blend visual and auditory senses, presenting things in an aesthetically understandable way, which can help us gain a deeper understanding of the topic at hand. On the other hand, not every documentary is perfectly accurate—it is always a good idea to fact-check things you learn from a documentary before citing them in your own papers. Hopefully, when the next school year rolls around, we will be able to fully enjoy and appreciate these educational films.

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