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Learning Robot Arms

Today, machines are taking over many jobs in the industry. With a new arm designed by RightHand Robotics, everything in the future may be put together entirely by robots. This arm is able to teach itself how to pick up objects it had never picked up before, but it can also share what it learns with other robot arms.


Currently, a large problem that manufacturers have to deal with is just how many different items robot arms may need to pick up. In factories, robots are specifically built to handle the same item a million times a day. But robots that handle different sized packages, such as fulfilling all sorts of online orders, can be unreliable and expensive. It’s not very cost effective to teach arms how to handle every different shaped package.


RightHand Robotics’ new arm uses the RightPick System, the most adaptable system ever created. The hand has a multi-fingered gripper with an extending suction tool in the middle, and a camera that is able to analyze each object and determine what is the best way to grasp an object. Images from the camera are quickly processed by an algorithm, and tells the arm which combination of fingers it should use, and if the suction tool is required. The skills that the RightPick System learns can also be shared across all other RightPick System arms, as they are all connected to a cloud server. Once this kind of tech gets perfected, who knows changes will be made to item production and sorting.


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