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Jerry Can for Electrical Vehicles

By: Bryan

You might see more and more electric vehicle on the road these days.  One day, while sitting in one of my friend’s, we talked about how much people can save every month and how “green” the EV, or electric vehicle, is. That is, until we realized that we are close to running out of battery.  We were both worried about finding a charge station in time, So the next half of the trip was dominated by this very single concern. I read there is also a name for it, called “Gas Mileage Anxiety”. Does this concern you? Does this make you reconsider wanting to buy an EV? Well, you don’t need to worry any more.

A company has recently invented a portable charger which you can carry within your vehicle all the time and recharge your car as needed. This new toy is called JERR.E, obviously a pun on the jerry can we all know and love. The best part about it is the fact that the battery actually looks like a jerry can It’s manufactured by a startup called Star Engines, and it has tons of potential. It is quite easy to see where this idea comes from, as modern phones’ biggest problem is battery life. It would be one of the most useful tools to keep in your electric car, and it restores your peace of mind, and rids you of that gas mileage anxiety.

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