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Is Artificial Intelligence beneficial or harmful?

By: Evan


With technology rapidly advancing in the recent years, the field of artificial intelligence is no exception. Artificial intelligence are synthetic behavioral patterns that mimic those of humans. Will these amazing technological advances be a benefit to our society or will they turn conscious and possibly cause harm to humanity? So far artificial intelligence has clearly been a benefit to the society, however as technology advances will AI  could possibly start learning more than humans intended. AI has always presented a problem where they could potentially start learning more than programmed, causing us to lose control of them. This could be a very serious problem as we don’t know what they will do.

Having this in mind, the robots and artificial intelligence can have a positive influence on society. Simple and menial tasks could all be completely done by artificial intelligence. Tasks that can be very repetitive or tedious can also be done by robots. Artificial intelligence can also be very helpful because they seldom mistakes. AI has the flexibility of human intelligence and being a machine, has the precision and endurance of one, allowing them to perfectly complete the tasks that humans could.

However these amazing pieces of technology can have many adverse effects. AI can take jobs from regular human beings and negatively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands. Current AI also lacks creativity and originality that humans have. With AI rapidly improving at an uncontrollable pace they could potentially develop beyond our control. This may sound like another one of those sci-fi movies but this problem is truly a potential threat to this world.

This leads us to a major dispute on whether AI will be beneficial to us or harmful. AI is beneficial in the way of how it frees humans from annoying everyday tasks, but is the possible doomsday worth it. But as our technology advances, so will our views on AI.

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