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By Jenny S


Introversion is a character trait, not a defect, and for sure not even a disease. Many people think that it is hard for people who consider themselves introverts to communicate and exchange ideas. However, the opposite is true in some cases: people who classify themselves as introverts may show their very active side when in front of familiar people. Furthermore, they tend to be better at paying attention to more delicate and detailed things. So what are some of the characteristics of introversion?

The difference in eagerness to communicate is the most obvious characteristics for introverts. While they seem be quiet more often than others, they have their own ideas, though they are not always willing to share it or discuss it. Good communication is key, and if you happen to come across an introvert, encourage them to share their ideas and promote interactions. This can help them gain confidence in talking to other people. One thing extroverts, or very outgoing and interactive people, can learn from introverts is that contemplation or self-thinking can be very helpful.

Introverted people may be sensitive and lack confidence at times, but they tend to think more deeply rather than quickly act on something. Unlike extroverts, who enjoy taking a good risk or bet, introverts contemplate on the long term effects and ask themselves “is it worth it” or “what are the consequences?” Sometimes they do not need to be involved in many things, but when they do, they take their work very seriously and often perform very well.

Introverted people do not like to talk and instead prefer observe things more. This outlook can make people feel that these types of people are very indifferent to others. In fact, if people take the time to know them better and become more familiar, they will most likely see the emotional side of introverts, who also reveal their emotions, care for their friends a lot, and have complex emotions.

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