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Interview with Julia Hu(胡奇志)


Dr. Julia Hu has been selected for America’s Top Dentists 2011, 2012 and 2013 by Consumers’ Research Council of America. She received her DDS degree from West China Medical University 1985 and worked as a dentist and assistant professor in Xiangya (Yale in Changsha) Medical University. In 2000, she received her DDS diploma from Loma Linda University, California. After a few years private practice, she joined US Navy and became the first Chinese American dentist who holds doctor degree of dental surgery in China and America in the US Navy reported by the World Journal. It made front page.

To fulfill her no stop study desire, she went to the University of Medical and Dental of New Jersey for her advanced periodontics and implant specialty. There she handled the most complicated implant patients for the University hospital. Dr. Hu had been the only honor student in her class and graduated as Chief Resident.

julia2She moved to Bay Area 2010, since that  she works as a Clinic Assistant profession in UCSF dental school, has her own dental clinic and works as a periodontist and Implant specialist for seven dental offices include SmileCare Dental Group covering the Bay area.

Q: When were you first interested in becoming a dentist?

A: Well, I grew up in China, so I didn’t really have a choice. My parents decided for me to become a dentist in high school, and that’s why I went to dental school after high school.

Q: What branches of the U.S. military did you serve for?

A: I served for the Navy and the Marine Corps as a dental officer. I served at the time the U.S. was going to war against Iraq.

Q: How long did you serve for the military? What was it like?

A: I was there for four years. I had many good experiences, and I had a chance to see how our soldiers protected the country, what they did, and how they are loved for all of their hard work. You hear and see many touching stories and moments, and you feel very proud of yourself to have your job. Overall, this was a great experience for me.

julia3Q: How many years of medical school did you take?

A: I took a total of ten years of college after school.

Q: What was college like for you?

A: Well personally, I enjoy studying even though it can be hard at times, so I really liked learning about dentistry. And since I was exposed to dentistry while growing up, I always just really loved it.

Q: What’s it like running a dental office? How long have you owned your own dental office?

A: I have owned it for about three years now. It’s a hard job since you have to do everything. I have to be the boss, the janitor, and of course the dentist. I have to do a lot of work.

julia4Q: How long have you been working as a dentist?

A: I have been working for about 29 years now.

Q: What are some things you like most about being a dentist?

A: I really enjoy helping people and developing close relationships with my patients. Interacting with people is one of my favorite aspects of my job.

Q: Do you have any advice for teens about dental health?

A: Yes, of course! Teenagers are always very busy with all of their activities, homework, and friends. With their busy schedules, they often forget about brushing their teeth and flossing. You should always take good care of your teeth, especially as a teenager, to prevent even worse problems with your teeth in the future.

Q: What do you have to do if you want to become a dentist in high school?

A: You should first learn more about the dental field and explore that area to see if you really like it. The most important thing is to have passion for what you do and it is passion that will lead you to accomplish your goals.

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