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How Has the Internet Changed Our Lives?

By Annie Yang

        The Internet is like sugar, it’s addictive. About 50% of the world uses the Internet. Some of the people are using the Internet for the better, and some are using it for the worse— either way the Internet is changing the way we live. The Internet has transformed the way we communicate, obtain information, socialize and entertain ourselves.

The way we communicate now, is with the Internet and it surely isn’t the best way. For example, some people use an online dating website to meet their match. Meeting someone online could be dangerous, especially due to the prominence of fake identities. It is better to just meet someone face to face. The Internet is also changing the way we write to someone. Many people now write with bad punctuation, emoticons instead of words, and abbreviations. Because of the Internet, most things on social media cannot be taken seriously, and instead of sticking up for someone when an embarrassing picture is posted, many say “LOL”. The Internet is drastically changing the way we communicate in a non-beneficial way.

The Internet has also changed the way we obtain information and has made us smarter individuals. In this case, we have learned how to use technology by ourselves, and whenever a question is asked, we simply just go to Google or ask a friend online. The Internet has many trusted websites that we can use to gather information. The Internet has almost all the answers to a question. The Internet has changed the way we obtain information more efficiently.

        Because of all the social media and addictive games on the Internet, we seem to never take our eyes off a screen and we can’t seem to find a hobby. For instance, many people just stay home watching YouTube videos or Netflix for many hours. We don’t get the chance to go outside and explore something new. The Internet tends to make us lazier and want to do less activities. The Internet also refrains us from focusing on a certain task. For instance, the Internet is a big factor that contributes to students procrastinating on homework/studying. Today, the Internet has hugely impacted our lifestyle and our work ethic.

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