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If I Should have a Daughter

By Artemis Jing

If I should have a daughter,

Then I’m gonna tell her,

Be free, be real, explore,

Don’t you ever put on a mask that many others wear.

Though, sometimes, kindness causes misunderstanding.

It turns out, sometimes, being real may be offending.

But you are unique with an iridescent colour,

Forget about all detest and criticism caused by your kindness,

Because a true friend never leaves.

When the little prince met the nobleman in his journey,

The man’s mind is full of vanity.

But the lamplighter on the street corner,

understands persistence and loyalty.

Never let pride or vanity blind your eyes,

Because the little girl on her pursuit of happiness is the most beautiful.

Life is uneasy, life is unfair,

But when you view life with a grateful heart,

It turns into sugar,

Forget about all comments,

Cherish what you have, your family and your true friends wholeheartedly,

And say “Thank you.” proudly.

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