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Hydrogen Fueled Trucks

By: Bryan

The world is finally looking for more sustainable forms of energy and looking to use fewer fossil fuels. One especially exciting concept in the race for clean energy was hydrogen-powered cars. The idea has been tinkered with before, and it did work. Toyota sold a hydrogen-powered car model, the Mirai sedan, but it only ever made a few hundred cars. Though the only emission was water vapor, it was just too inconvenient as there were no ways to fuel up outside of your home.     

That is why recently, Toyota has been conceptualizing hydrogen-powered trucks. The concept truck generates more than 670 horsepower and 1,325 pound-feet of torque from two Mirai fuel cell stacks and a 12kWh battery. Its gross combined weight capacity is 80,000 pounds.          

Making trucks over cars makes sense. Trucks can store more fuel, and there are centralized fueling stations to that better suit long trips. Toyota plans to run short-haul routes out of the port of Los Angeles to test the capabilities of the trucks. If the tests are successful, Toyota plans to build a fleet of heavy-duty, zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

Hopefully, these trucks pave the way for the future of clean vehicles and would change the way we ship cargo across the land.

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