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Huge Turbines

By: Bryan


There has recently been a huge push for greener technology. At the current rate of use, fossil fuels and their many detriments to the environment will result in bigger and bigger problems for our planet. Currently, many companies are wanting to invest in green energy in order to make our alternative energy sources cheaper and ready for mass-production.

That is why the Burbo Wind Farm was created. Off the Northwest coast of England, these turbines are 195 meters tall, with 80 meter long blades. They are so large that just one turn of the blades will generate enough energy to power a house for approximately 29 hours.

In the UK, more and more offshore wind farms are being created, so much so that their production of wind farms beats any other country. Just recently, America has surpassed the UK and is now in first place but, like always, if this path towards green energy will continue depends on the leadership of this country.

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