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How to properly perform CPR

Winford Chang

CPR standing for cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a technique or procedure that could potentially save someone’s life. For situations like cardiac arrest the heart doesn’t function correctly and you need to manually pump the heart for them and keep blood flowing around the body. Knowing how to execute and how to do it can definitely help you save a life one day.

The steps for CPR are easy to remember and easy to do. The steps consist of checking the surrounding area of safety hazards for yourself and the victim. CPR is a stationary movement and could be dangerous if there are certain hazards around you. After making sure it is safe, check if the victim is ok. Tap them on the shoulder and make sure that they are unresponsive before initiating CPR. The next step for CPR is to call the police or ambulance, ask another bystander or call yourself. After that try to keep the victim occupied at all times and perform chest compressions on them until help arrives. Differently developed people should be handled differently with chest compressions , young adults and adults should have their chest pressed down 2 inches with both hands whilst a young child should only have 1 hand and infants 1.5 inches with only 2 fingers. Pushing hard onto the chest can definitely cause injuries like fractures and the rib cage and more if not done correctly. 

Most people learn how and what CPR is in school but many people still don’t know how to properly perform it. It is a vital thing to learn and can come in handy unexpectedly in any  random situation. 

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