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How to Properly Deadlift

Derek Dong

It is very admirable for anyone to make it into a gym, much less know what they are doing. But, success in the gym is most certainly tied to having a proper training regimen. Whether you are an athlete, casual, or anything in between, the deadlift should be an integral part of any proper training program.

At first, it may seem very daunting, scary even considering the strain it can put on your back with improper form; but with proper form and practice, it can be mastered by anyone.

The first step is the stand at the middle of the barbell with your feet at shoulder width, firmly planted into the ground. The next the is to crouch down with your toes pointed slightly outward, with your knee forming a ninety degree angle. Now, firmly grasp the bar with both hands, ensuring that your arms maintains complete straightness.

Now that you are in proper pulling position, ensure that your back maintains straightness throughout, and pull up into a standing position with your back perpendicular to the ground and chest puffed out. The feeling in your hips should be that of a “humping” motion, and the barbell should rest at somewhere along your upper thigh.

It is imperative that throughout the motion, the barbell starts, continues, and ends as close to the body as humanly possible. This is to ensure that the lower spine does not receive unnecessary strain from whiplash, or recieve any injuries.

Done properly, the arm should not have bent at all, and the back should have been completely straight throughout, with absolutely no rounding.

Remember though, that conventional deadlifts are the ground floor to a skyscraper. It must be a part of any training program, but is only a beginning. Be sure to supplement the deadlift with other exercises as well, to ensure that your entire body receives the exercise and training is required to be healthy and functioning.

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